AD3 Advertising & Design

AD3 is sad to report the loss of one of our own.

Creative Director Dennis Hodgson passed away after a courageous fight against cancer. As a proud former Marine Sergeant, Dennis was laid to rest in the Veterans Cemetery in Westwood with an honor guard in full dress uniform. It was followed by a memorial celebration filled with love from co-workers and family members.

Dennis attended Art Center, America’s most prestigious art school, he served as an advertising instructor at USC, he was an accomplished painter and artist and he worked for some of LA’s biggest agencies—Dailey & Associates, Bozell, Doner, and Benton & Bowles. And we were proud that he joined AD3 where he shared his talents and skills for over 9 years.

Dennis is survived by his lovely wife Terry, two daughters and a son of whom he was very proud. He will be much missed by all of us at AD3.

Every New Day

Is A Creative

Day @ AD3

AD3 is a tight-knit group of imaginative creatives who also are designers, writers, branding experts, art directors, web designers and strategists. Titles aside, we’'re driven and creative to the core and nothing gets us up and going more than creating solutions for the clients and brands we passionately serve. This is what drives us,– what launches us out of bed in the morning.

Actually, every creative day @ AD3 begins the night before. Our clients'’ marketing challenges are always on our mind, and every night we carefully tuck them into our subconscious where they can subtly germinate and grow. Ideas and ground-breaking strategies then hit us over our first cup of coffee or driving to the conference center for a creative meeting. We love to collaborate with our clients and then bounce ideas off each other. Creative juices flow, great ideas emerge, and marketing solutions come to life throughout the day, no matter how small the budget or how tight the schedule. An AD3 day isn’'t complete unless we’'re creating bold, imaginative solutions — marketing programs with a unique twist and creative that grabs attention while setting our clients apart.

We live to be creative for our clients and we always are. Every day.

First Impressions Matter

A name is the gateway to your brand experience—helping to shape people's first impressions, associations and connections to what you do. AD3 will help you develop naming strategies and memorable identities that set you apart and stand for who you are.

A brand is a promise from a seller to a buyer built on understanding and trust. It is a guarantee that assures your product will deliver what was promised — a quality that takes time to win and can be lost in a second. AD3 understands how to build a brand and create trust, and once established, consistently integrates it across the entire spectrum of marketing activities.

Creating a powerful brand is an asset that drives your business ahead of the competition. Great brand strategies are grounded in the story of an organization—its legacy, unique capabilities and opportunities.

Brands are crafted and expressed through inspiration and creativity. AD3 can define and communicate your uniqueness, differentiation and value by developing an identity design system and brand strategy with visual impact that clearly articulates your product or service's value and how it benefits customers.

We believe corporate identity, advertising, print communications, websites, trade show displays, signage, etc are all the building blocks of brand architecture. These are all elements we use to define your brand and make it stand out.